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Nome Council 200 Race Rules

See the announcements for a rule change.

The Year 2000 Nome to Council 200 is a sled dog race for cash prizes from Nome to Council and return to Nome.

1. The race begins at Nome, Alaska on Friday, March 24th, 2000.

2. The race results will be determined on order of finish on the return trip to Nome from Council. All dogs and musher must complete both legs of the race. An official finish shall be upon the nose of the dog first reaching the finish line.

3. Mushers will leave Nome in a mass start on the Beam Dexter Road at 6:00 P.M. on Friday, March 24th, 2000. All mushers must follow the staked trail to Council and return. The passing rule will not apply to the start of the race from the starting line to Howard Farley's camp.

4. A musher's meeting will be held on Thursday, March 23th, 2000.

5. Mushers must begin the race with no more than twelve dogs and finish the race with no fewer than seven dogs harnessed in the team. No dogs may be added to, or dropped from, a team after leaving the start in Nome. However, dogs may be dropped in Council if in the opinion of the official race veterinarian, hauling a dog in a sled may be injurious to the dog. A musher is required to carry a fifty-pound weight for each dog dropped.

6. Unsafe or inhumane treatment of dogs is not permitted. Whips may be carried but shall not be used on other mushers. No mushers shall abuse another mushers' dogs or dog.

7. Mushers may not accept help for the care or feeding of their dogs during the race including the shipping of dog food or gear.

8. Prize money for the 2000 race will be paid as follows:

1st   $3,300.00
2nd   $2,500.00
3rd   $1,700.00
4th   $1,400.00
5th   $1100.00

9. Motorized vehicles may not lead or pace teams.

10. Each musher must carry as required equipment at all times a cooker, sleeping bag (Arctic quality), ax, and snowshoes or snowshovel.

11. Mushers must execute a release of liability before starting the race. Proof of rabies, distemper and Parvo vaccination is required.

12. No musher under the age of eighteen may start the race and all mushers must be members in good standing of the Nome Kennel Club.

13. All litter must be disposed of at the checkpoint and may not be left along the trail. Camp at Council must be left clean. This includes all non-incidental booties, food, etc. left on the trail.

14. Passing. When one team approaches to within fifty (50) feet of another team, the team behind shall have the immediate right of way upon demand. The musher ahead must stop his dogs and hold them to the best of his/her ability for a maximum of one minute or until the team has passed, whichever occurs first. The passed team must remain behind at least fifteen (15) minutes before demanding the trail. This rule does not apply between the Nome River and the finish line, which is considered No Man's Land.

15. Mushers will at all times conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.

16. Mushers must utilize the same sled throughout the race.

17. Any observed violations of the rules must be reported within twelve hours of the time the musher registering the protest crosses the finish line. Decision of the race official is final.

18. Rule violations subject the violator to the following range of penalties:

     a. Warning (oral or written)
     b. Censure (public or private)
     c. Monetary
     d. Time delay
     e. Disqualification
     f. Ineligibility for future NKC races

19. Race officials may administer penalty (a) through (e). The NKC Board of Directors may administer penalty (f).

20. Attendance at the Sunday evening awards banquet is mandatory.

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