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January 28, 2007:

The first Nome Kennel Club "Fun Run" of the year was a great success! The event was a 5 dog, 5 mile race on the sea ice in front of Nome. In attendance were 6 teams and over 40 spectators. We had a great showing of support. Thanks to all of the people who participated and to those who just came out to watch. Among those was local mushing celebrity Joe Garnie of Teller. In addition to the spectators at the race start / finish, many were along the course of the race on the Seawall and stopped in cars on the side of the road, watching the action down on the ice.

Expert Trail Marker, Phil Pryzmont, put in the five mile loop out on the sea ice, starting by Swanberg Dredge and continuing around to the new causeway and back. Dr. Phil and Lisa Schobert were our "Starting Officials / Time Keepers." Special thanks to Diana Adams our halfway point "official" and to Char Keehn, our snow machine support.

The trail was slow and hard going with over 10" of soft snow to plod through, and the mushers got just as much exercise as the dogs. Despite all of the hard pushing and running, the mushers and riders all had a great time. One of the best spectacles was when Erica Pryzmont came across the finish line with her husband, Phil, stuffed in what appeared to be an undersized sled. All that could be seen was arms & legs!

The results of the "Fun Run"
1) Margaret & Maisie Thomas
2) Chrystie Saleski & Erica Wheeler
3) Michael & Mary Miller
4) Erica & Phil Pryzmont
5) Jeff Darling & Devyn Johnson
6) Cari Miller & Jonna Bartlett

Prizes and a social gathering followed at Fat Freddies with Erica Pryzmont sharing her special Chocolate Cake with all. Everyone is looking forward to the next event!

Thanks to all who helped make this event a success, especially: Phil and Erica Pryzmont, Dr. Phil & Lisa Schobert, Diana Adams, and Char Keehn. A special thanks to our gracious sponsors and those who donated prizes: Milano's, Nome Outfitters, Wells Fargo, The Carrie McLain Museum, Phil and Erica Pryzmont, and Cari Miller.

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