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Photos from our history


The NKC All Alaska Sweepstakes, 1907-1918

Leonard Seppala (51KB)
Courtesy of Carrie McLain Museum.

Scotty Allen
Scotty Allen(37KB)
Courtesy of Carrie McLain Museum.

Pat Delzene
1913 postcard of Pat Delzene,
driver in 1913, with team (28K)
This may be Faye Delzene, rather than Pat.

All Alaskan Sweepstakes
All Alaskan Sweepstakes (64KB)
Courtesy of Dave Broquet.

Scotty's family
Courtesy of Dave Broquet.

Photos from recent times


Local races/events/dogs

Nils Hahn team 
Nils' dogteam, Snake River.
Nils on the trail
Nils on the trail.
Kirsten leaving yard
Kirsten leaving yard.

Here's some early 1980's pictures from a burden race, shot around the no longer existing old Safety roadhouse. (It burned and has been replaced.) These are low quality photos.
Safety Roadhouse 
Roadhouse, dogs.
Safety Roadhouse 
Dogs staked out.
Safety Roadhouse 
Ready to race back.
Safety Roadhouse 
Into the fog.

1998 Race season photos, compliments of the Nome Nugget newspaper. (These photos are ranging from 37k to 52k).

Aaron B. loading dogs
Businessmens' racers.
Chris Rowe 
Chris R. crossing hi-way.
Ray Lang 
Ray Lang w/ team.

Race start 
Businessmens' racestart.

Racer w/ dog.

Here's Kirsten during the 2001 Yukon Quest:

Yukon Quest 
K. Bey-Yukon Quest.



  • Safety roadhouse: Roadhouses were lodges scattered along the travel routes of the gold rush era miners and hopefuls, providing food and shelter. Most of the lodges faded away into history when the gold rush ended and airplane travel became prominent. The Safety roadhouse, about 22 miles southeast of Nome, takes its name from Port Safety and is the last Iditarod checkpoint before Nome.
  • Burden race: Mostly a fun race, mushers are required to carry a person in their sled, plus camping gear when it is an overnight race. The 'burden' person should be over 14 years old.