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1998 Race Results!

January 4 | January 11 | January 17 | January 25
February 1st | February 7th | February 14, Valentine Race
March 1 | March 14/15 | March 21 Businessman's race
March 27 Council 200 Centennial
April 4 Women's race

Trail Conditions: (for the visitor) Click on [pic] for photo.

For those of you who haven't been on our club trails, let me explain a bit. We are a coastal village, which translates as windswept [pic]. There are no trees here and therefore we get a lot of snow drifting and sastrugi [pic]. This makes for slow trails, or icy where the snow has blown away. Of course, there may be some of you, used to groomed trails through the forest, who would hesitate to use the word 'trails' to describe our race courses. The race times may reflect these conditions.

January 4th, 6-dog, 7 mile race:

1st Kate P. 23.01
2nd Aaron B. 24.01
3rd Bill C. 25.35
4th Margaret T. 26.23
5th Ray Lang 27.11
6th Bill M. 28.28
7th Robin T. 28.45
8th Chris R. 29.23
9th Rachel B. 33.32
10th Kirsten B. 34.43
11th Ramzi N. 34.43
12th Sue B. 36.20
13th Howard F. 40.19

January 11th, 6 dog, 10 mile

1st Aaron B. 41.03
2nd Billy C. 41.28
3rd Ray L. 47.00
4th Sherman S. 51.23
5th Jennifer R. 57.44
6th Michelle P. 61.22
7th Kirsten B. 61.54
8th Robin T. 64.21
9th Howard F. 64.22
10th Sue B. 65.26
11th Nina Verzoni 78.10


January 17th 12 dog, 20 mile

1st Aaron Burmeister 1:21
2nd Ray Lang 1:25
3rd Bill Cavenny 1:30
4th Matt Desalernos 1:39
5th Robin Thomas 2:21
6th Sue Buchanan DNF

Winds at 20-30 mph in the face, the dogs' ears were all pointing backward. Temperature was around a balmy -13F with windchill, with overcast skies.

January 25th 8 dog, 12 mile

1st Aaron Burmeister 40.44
2nd Billy Caveny 41.27
3rd Ray Lang 44.36
4th Kate Persons 45.11
5th Joren Freedman 49.25
6th Todd Lovell 51.57
7th Robin Thomas 52.08
8th Gary Longley 52.26
9th Kirsten Bey 56.39
10th Howard Farley 61.45
11th Nina Verzoni DNF

Weather -20F, 4 mph wind, clear

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February 1st 8 dog, 20 mile

1st Aaron Burmeister   1:14:32
2nd Ray Lang   1:18:35
3rd Bill Cavaney   1:23:29
4th Joren Freeman   1:27:29
5th Chris Rowe   1:32:11
6th Todd Lovell   1:47:55
7th Robin Thomas   1:48:35
8th Sue Buchanan   2:00:51
9th Howard Farley   2:05:55
DNF Michelle Peterson
Trail Conditions - soft, Temperature +20F

February 7th, 12 dog, 20 mile

1st Aaron Burmeister 1.28.22
2nd Charlie Boulding 1.29.42
3rd Billy Caveney 1.32.34
4th Kate Persons 1.40.18
5th Joren Freeman 1.46.12
6th Chris Rowe 1.48.51
7th Ray Lang 1.51.39
8th Kirsten Bey 1.56.12
9th Robin Thomas 2.03.10
30F, Soft, sugary trail in the hills with sunshine.

February 14, 12 dog, 30 mile

1st Aaron Burmeister 1.49.06
2nd Ray Lang 1:52:58
3rd Joran Freeman 2:00:30
4th Billy Caveney 2:08:15
5th Chris Rowe 2:13:09
+15F, snowflurries, light winds, the trail ran from the coast inland over three 600 ft hills.
The Burden Race was not run.

March 1, 8 dog, 25 mile

1st Aaron Burmeister 1:43:59
2nd Bill Cavaney 1:57:03
3rd Kirsten Bey 2:14:09
Blowing Snow and a soft drifted trail.

March 14,15th, 2-day 30 mile race

Day 1

Day 2

1st Aaron Burmeister 2:24.54 * * 2:31.24
2nd Ray Lang 2:37.24 * * 2:32.54
3rd Billy Caveney 2:53.15 * * 2:52.27
4th Matt the Hat 2:51.10 * * 2:54.36
5th Joran Freeman 2:54.44 * * 3:02.18
The trail started from Matt's yard and went out over the flats across the Teller Rd, with a loop that wound up & back down the Snake River Valley. Although flat, there were some open river crossings and some moose along the way.
Saturday March 14th the trail was firm, temperature was +40 F and sunny. The race today went very well, though it was very hot out and even hotter in the direct sunlight... Snow is melting everywhere and there is water on the streets... Sunday March 15th the trail was soft and punchy, temperature +38F cloudy with snow and rain coming down.

March 21, Nome Kennel Club Businessman's Race

Place Driver Time Sponsor Location
1st Dave Lovell 12:24 Natural Health Chiropractic Nome, Alaska
2nd Cap Chastain 13:02 Nome Rescue Mission Nome, Alaska
3rd Louise Greenlaw 13:11 City of Nome Barsfield, Wisconsin
4th Brian Rippy 13:29 B + S Excursions Portland, Indiana
5th TIE Carrie Heaton 13:45 N A Anchorage, Ak.
5th TIE Kym Monroe 13:45 Juvenile Probation Nome, Ak.
6th Bob Berntson 14:08 Berntson and Porter, CPA Bellevue, WA.
7th Jeff Phillips 15:28 Eagle Quality Centers Anchorage, AK.
8th Olwin Sims 15:34 DNM Enterprises Houston, Texas
9th Jack Kampa 16:02 Self sponsored Seattle, Washington
10t Bill Borden 16:15 Real Estate Custom Finance Inc. Kennesaw, Ga.
11th Devon Young 16:17 Wolf's Cry Kennel-Nome, AK Winthrop, Ma.
12th TIE Dena Brown 16:42 Self Sitka, Ak.
12th TIE Sharon Kaizer 16:42 Alaska Gold Co. Westhaven, Conn.
13th Paul Forman 16:45 ANHC Anchorage, Alaska
14th Bill Heinze 17:11 Heinze & Assoc. Inc. Port Isabel, Texas
15th Patricia Power 17:21 Emergency Education Resources Nome, AK.
16th Jackie Hannigan 18:09 Betty's Igloo Bed and Breakfast-Nome Middleton, Ma.
17th James Berg 18:50 Dr. Mark & Michelle Peterson  NSRH Dunseth, N. D.
18th Kelly Maniss 18:56 Maruskiya's of Nome Fairbanks, AK.
19th Eric Gillespie 20:12 Bering Strait Record Chesapeake, VA.
20th Lisa Rydell 21:16 NSBSD Barrow, Ak.
21st Stacy Giachino 23:31 REB. Mo. Pic. of Hollywood, CA. Vancouver, Wash.
22nd Teresa Falione 24:17 Ramsi Nassar Nome, Ak.
23rd Patricia Dunaway 24:27 Bering Strait Record Belleverne, Kentucky
24th Chris Barlow 24:44 Self? Wisconsin
25th Rene Luca-Crabtree 24:46 ABC's for Pets Nome, Alaska
26th Rob Shelby 29:39 NSBSD Barrow, Alaska
27th Jennifer Smith 36:27 DNM Enterprises Deland, Florida
DNF Carolyn Mc Inturff * Fat Freddies Nome, Alaska
DNF Marge Kleibacker * Self? Bellingham, Washington
A good time was had by all! The race was run in two heats. Unfortunately, the trail was soft and sugary for the first heat, and had firmed up for the second. Many riderless teams made for good spectator sport.

Nome Council Centennial 200

Start March 27, Finish March 28
Place Driver #Dogs Council In/Out (Rest) In Nome Total Time
1st Nick Topkok 11 2:46am / 4:25a (1:39) 2:58 pm 20:58
2nd Bill Cavenny 11 3:31 am / 4:27a (0:56) 4:06 pm 22.06
3rd Ray Lang 11 2:30 am / 4:32a (2:02) 4:53 pm 22:53
4th Matt Desalernos 11 3:34 am / 6:08 a (2:34) 7:46 pm 25:46
5th Joran Freeman 12 3:35 am / 9:59a (6:24) 2:05 am 32:05
DNF James Wheeler 10 Scratch
Joran took a 6 hour layover for an Iditarod qualifier.
Good weather, little wind, temperature around zero to teens.
A big thanks to Pat Rae for being our Race Marshal and to Connor Thomas for coordinating the race and for being our Council timer and race judge.
Special thanks to David Holly for staking a great trail and to Don Smith for the use of his cabin as the checkpoint.
Thanks to Bering Air for flying the stakes to White Mountain prior to the staking of the trail.
Thank you very much to Dr. Derrick Leedy, DVM for taking part once again.
Thanks also to Mark Hunt and Les Brown of KNOM for helping out in Council.
Thanks very much to the Seward Peninsula Amateur Radio Club for their support and assistance in helping us keep track of the racers:
Colby Carter, Tom Gray, Pat Hahn, Todd Lovell, Rosalie McCreary, and Dan Stang.

Women's Race Results

1st Tristan Palomaki 48:35
2nd Chris Rowe 56.12
3rd Kirsten Bey 1:03:20
4th Michele Peterson 1:06:14
5th Lagina Longley 1:06:51
6th Sue Buchanan 1:12:32

Soft trail, fresh snow 25 degrees

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