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1999 Race Results!

December 26 | January 9 | January 16 | January 23 | January 30
February 6 | February 13, 14 Dexter Cr. Classic | February 27
March 6, 7 Cape Horn Classic | March 13 Salmon Lake Derby | March 20 Businessman's race
March 26 Council 200 Race | March 27, 28 6 Dog Championship
April 3 Women's race | April 10 Scramble Race

Trail Conditions: (for the visitor) Click on [pic] for photo.

For those of you who haven't been on our club trails, let me explain a bit. We are a coastal village, which translates as windswept [pic]. There are no trees here and therefore we get a lot of snow drifting and sastrugi [pic]. This makes for slow trails, or icy where the snow has blown away. Of course, there may be some of you, used to groomed trails through the forest, who would hesitate to use the word 'trails' to describe our race courses. The race times may reflect these conditions.

December 26, 6-dog, 7 mile race:

1st Robin Thomas 24.17
2nd Chris Rowe 25.59
3rd Margaret Thomas 28.13
4th Sue Buchanan 29.43
5th Kirsten Bey 30.21
6th Michelle Peterson 32.12
7th Howard Farley 34.29
7th Linda Oxley 34.29
8th Nina Veroni 34.52

January 9th, 6 dog, 7 mile

  Canceled due to weather, not enough mushers showing up  


January 16th 6 dog, 10 mile

Note: The 6 dog, 7 mile trail was substituted for the 10 mile trail.
The 12 dog race was canceled due to lack of entrants.
Rough trail, with -12 degrees F. with -25 F. wind chill.

1st Robin Thomas 27.09
2nd Noah Burmeister 27.10
3rd Kim Monroe 27.59
4th Tom Shepski 28.59
5th Kirsten Bey 31.11
6th Michelle Peterson 32.35
7th Howard Farley 35.07

Special thanks to Kirsten Bey and Gary Longley for dragging the 12 Mile Trail and Howard Farley for dragging the 7 Mile Trail.

January 23 6 dog, 10 mile

No information.

January 30th Race

Cancelled due to lack of participants.

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February 6th, 6 dog, 12 mile

1st Nils Hahn 54.03
2nd Joran Freeman 62.13
3rd Conner Thomas 69.49
4th Kirsten Bey 73.30
Rough trail, -12 F. with -25 F. wind chill.

*Please check the Nome Kennel Club Website for Saturday race start updates. Thankyou!

February 13 and 14 Dexter Creek Classic, 12 dog, 20 mile

Day 1 Day 2
1st Nils Hahn 2.07.14 * *
2nd Joran Freeman 2.33.36 * *
3rd Tom Shepski 2.55.41 * *
4th Chris Rowe 3.00.05 * *
Saturday February 13th Soft, punchy trail, 17 F with winds for -16 F chill. Sunday February 14th Due to ground storm conditions, trail obliterated.

Congratulations to the above drivers and teams; thank you for making the choice to race.
Special thanks to Gary Longley, Jim and Chris Rowe for dragging the trails today.

*There were no entrants in the Six Dog Class today.


February 27, 12 dog, 30 mile

1st Nils Hahn 1.57.09
2nd Matt Desalernos 2.02.05
3rd Joran Freeman 2.06.55
4th Mike Webber 2.18.45
5th Robin Thomas 2.19.33

      The trail was hard and fast with some glare ice on the river and moose holes in the trail near a herd of 10 moose. The temperatures were chillier in the river valley and a warm -10 F on upland sections of the trail. Under a sunny sky, it was a beautiful day for a race.
Special thanks to Matt Desalernos for sharing his yard and trail today.
Congratulations to the above drivers and teams!

March 6 and 7 Cape Horn, 12 dog, 45 mile

Congratulations to the following drivers and teams!
Day 1 Day 2 Total
1st Nils Hahn 3.17.54 * * 3.19.12 * *  6.37.06
2nd Joran Freeman 3.36.26 * * 3.30.04 * *  7.04.30
3rd Ray Lang 3.41.55 * * 3.31.58 * *  7.12.53
4th Mike Webber 3.44.48 * * 3.34.12 * *  7.19.00
5th Robin Thomas 4.15.59 * * 4.25.34 * *  8.41.33

March 6th, 1999

    The wind was calm and the temperature was 19 F at 10:00AM when the race started, the radiant warmth of the sun felt great to the spectators the race finished. Mushers said the trail was good, but soft in a couple spots. Only two obstacles were reported on the trail, one was a nonparticipant dogteam and the other was a moose cow and calf, both interfered with the progress of race teams and drivers. Please folks, if you are on a race trail, yield right of way to incoming race teams. Moose are another issue.... Thanks.

March 7th, 1999

    The wind was calm and the temperature was 0 F when the race started. The first team out saw a red fox and a herd of moose, other than a few ptarmigan, the race was uneventful. Everyone had a clean run.

Note: There was no 6 dog race.


March 13 Salmon Lake Derby

Twelve Dog 80 Mile

Congratulations to the following drivers and teams!

1st Nils Hahn, 10 dogs 7.32.48
2nd Joran Freeman, 12 dogs 7.41.25
3rd Ray Lang, 9 dogs 8.30.43
Rough trail, -19 F with winds in some areas.

Thanks a lot! to Kirsten Bey, Jim and Chris Rowe for covering the race trail today and putting in the Salmon Lake turn around and to Gary Longley for setting the Three Mile Trail in.

**Please get your teams out on the Three Mile trail so they are familiar with it for the Businessmanís race next Saturday the 20th. I need snowmachines on the trail to help with this race, please. See you there at 1:00 PM.

**Special thanks to KNOM for live coverage of the start and finish today!!

March 21, Nome Kennel Club Businessman's Race

Place Driver Time Sponsor
1st Melinda Reynolds 16.39 Nome.Net
2nd Terry Reynolds 17.27 Nome.Net
3rd Cathy Deak 17.37 LDN
4th Laurine Domke 17.37 Lower Yukon School Distr.
5th Gary Wilson 18.52 Keiser Air
6th- Tie Jeri Knudsen 18.53 Milt Johnson, CPA
6th- Tie Aaron Weil 18.53 Self
7th Tommy Wells 18.57 Bering Strait Record
8th Harold Burdsall 19.34 Union Valley Sheep
9th Mike Corrigan 19.35 Nome Business Ventures
10th Kris Perry 19.59 NBA
11th Joe Nash 20.11 Bering Strait Record
12th Cheryl Callis 20.53 Happy Howls
13th Lisa Weber 21.00 Nome Nugget
14th Brian Davies 21.05 Davies Consultant
15th Sheryl Garner 21.28 Emergency Education Resources
16th Lynne Cary 21.31 Maniilaq
17th Debbie L. Hansen 21.34 Homemaker Kodiak
18th Mary Lou Swenson 21.43 Mike, Leslie Swenson
19th Steve Hantelman 21.53 SWH Financial Mgmt
20th Rachel Gernat 21.54 Law Office of Rachel Gernat
21st Stan Mills 22.57 Richay Mills and Assoc.
22nd Moira Demarcos 23.06 Stanford Hospital
23rd Cynthia Sale 23.41 Self      (tie with 24)
24th Raymond Hubrich 23.41 Self     (tie with 23)
25th Jerry Spindler 24:12 SWH Financial Mgmt
26th Ron Swenson 24.32 Mike, Leslie Swenson
27th Sharon Davies 24.49 Davies Consultant
28th Sue Barton 25.00 Baron Phillips Assoc.
29th Chris Barlow 25.27 Self
30th Donna Hellinga 26.53 Self
31st Ken Hansen 26.55 Self
32nd Kristin Lund 27.01 Emergency Education
33rd Tamas Deak 29.01 LDN
34th Nancy Ireton 30.02 Self
35th Mark Shermden 32.55 Riettey Mills, CPA
36th Dick Rudy 36.05 Auction by Maggie
DNF* Jennifer Smith Aurora Gold

Thanks to all NKC Members who brought teams, sleds and volunteered throughout the race which lasted from 12:30 - 5 p.m. The sun was shining, a balmy 26 above zero and it was perfect weather for spectators - a bit hot for the dogs. The trail was soft and sugary on the backside of Gold Hill, so it was not a record breaking race. There were no lost teams, although we had one team take a jump over a non participating team on the trail. And thanks to the two out of town teams from Ramey Smyth.

Thanks to our snowmachine trail support, Gary Longley, Jr., Jim Dory, Jim Rowe, Ray Lang, Bill Cavaney, Mark Hunt and Pat Rae's son's. Thanks to Jim for clearing out the drifted road by the race start area!

Thanks to the others who volunteered with timing, bibs, collection of registrations. Thanks to Liller Cotter, Maureen Chambrone, Ramey Smyth, Pat Rae and her wonderful family for their support and holding it all together during our Race Marshal's absence to go watch Aaron, finish the Iditarod. Congratulations to all the brave mushers who completed the race and are now official Nome Kennel Club members! Come back next year!

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event a success!!!!

*DNF = Did Not Finish

Nome Council 200

This year the Nome Council 200 featured the most severe ground storm conditions we have experienced in many years, including wind blown, glare ice and rough trail. The temperature was 10 F with winds blowing from 16 to 55 mph for a variable chill factor of some -20 to -45 F. The Topkok - Solomon - Safety blowhole featured extreme whiteout and wind conditions which picked sleds, dogs and mushers up and tossed them sideways. These conditions resulted in 50% of the entrants scratching or withdrawing from this race.

Congratulations to the following tough drivers and dogteams.

Start March 26, Finish March 27
Place Driver #Dogs To Council Return Total Time
1st Joe Garnie n/a 11.10 11.20 22.30
2nd Aaron Burmeister n/a 11.20 11.21 22.41
3rd Tony Shoogukwruk n/a 11.20 11.52 23.12
DNF Shane Goosen
DNF Mike Webber

A big thank you to Patricia Rae of Raes Harness Shop for being our official Race Marshal and for enduring the ground storms and tough trail conditions. Thank you to Kirsten Bey for offering her snowmachine to the race marshal for her use. Connor Thomas, our NKC checker, race official and trail escort with his partner, Brian Timbers receive our thanks for being there and doing a tough job very well.

Thanks to David Holly for staking a great trail for us!

The members of the Seward Peninsula Amateur Radio Club provided wonderful ham support and continuous coverage. We are very grateful for their time, talent and efforts. Special thanks to these members: Pat Hahn, Les Brown, Mike Murphy, Colby and Mary Carter, and Todd Lovell for their concern and extra efforts.

Thanks to our veterinarian, Derreck Leedy for supporting the teams and heading out on the trail.

Women's Race Results



1st Marci Wayman 54.49
2nd Margaret Thomas 57.29
3rd Rachel Gernat 1.02.25
4th Kirsten Bey 1.05.43

Soft, windblown and drifted trail, 13 F with winds for -17 F chill.

April 10 Scramble Race

Although the trail was soft and wind blown, it was a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze and 27F . Participants and spectators had a great time. It was fun watching the stockingfooted drivers' clamber out of their sleeping bags, jump into their boots and sprint to their waiting sleds and necklined dogs. They hastily stuffed their sleeping bags into sacks as they ran and hustled dogs into harness. Feverishly pulling up anchors and flying across the start line and around the Three Mile trail. The first team out came in first; but there was an excititng neck and neck duel across the finish line between the last two teams with the second place team winning by a dog's nose. It was really fun! Too bad more teams didn't show up. Special thanks to Gini Flint, Conner Thomas, and Joe Nash for handling dog teams during the scramble today. This was the last race of the season.

Congratulations to the following drivers and teams!

Place Driver Total Time
1st Aaron Burmeister 17.30
2nd Kirsten Bey 20.43.10
3rd Kym Monroe 20.43.15

Thanks a lot to our local newspapers and radio stations for their coverage this season. We really appreciate your support!

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