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Nome Kennel Club Race Rules

Nome Kennel Club Adult Race Rules  (Ski-jor rules can be found here.)

1.  All racers in the adult class must be 18 years of age or older (or have prior approval of the Nome Kennel Club Board).

2.  It shall not be necessary for any person making an entry to own any of the dogs in the team entered.

3.  There will be one Race Marshal, and Race Judges who are appointed by the Race Marshal.  These officials may have other duties as assigned by the Race Marshal.

4.  Each entrant shall have the choice of his own sled, subject to the condition that it has a footbrake and an ice hook.

5.  All officials and entrants are under the jurisdiction of the Race Marshal.

6.  Every person entering a race, or officiating at a race is required to conduct him/herself in a sportsmanlike manner.  The judge's decision on any questionable conduct will be final.

7.  Any driver coming to the starting line intoxicated, or in an unseemly condition will be barred from the race.

8.  Cruel and inhumane treatment of the dogs by any driver is strictly prohibited under penalty of disqualification and, further, being barred from the Nome Kennel club sponsored races for a period of five years.

9.   Each team entered in an unlimited race must consist of no less than five dogs, with the maximum number as many as the driver is capable of handling. The least number of dogs that can be run is five in races that specify a maximum number of dogs (i.e. ... 8 dog or 12 dog)

10.  No entrant in a race shall use a loose leader during the race.  Necklines are required on all dogs except for single leaders.

11.  No team of dog(s)infected with distemper or parvo shall be allowed to race.

12.  The use Of internal-stimulants for dogs before, during or after a race is prohibited except when prescribed by a veterinarian.

13.  Every driver and dog team must follow and complete the official race course.

14.  Trails will be marked with lathe and surveyor's tape.

15.  [The time of any driver failing to be at the starting line for any race shall be the time set for his team to leave or start], and he will not be allowed to start until the last team has left.  If several teams are late, each will start in respective order, as they were originally scheduled to start.

16.  No pacing or trailing by mechanized means shall be allowed.

17.  When one team shall overtake another team, the overtaking team shall have the right of way upon demand (Trail).  The driver ahead must stop and hold his team to the best of his ability until the other team has passed.  After the pass is completed the overtaken team shall stay back at least one team length and not verbally interfere. This rule applies for one mile or one minute.  In the event that the team passed shall hang on for five minutes or one mile, he shall have the right to demand the trail again.  (Sportsmanship is important).

18.  While competing in the race, a driver is not permitted to have any assistance in managing his team with the following exceptions:
a)  Each driver may have one self appointed handler to assist the driver past the team's home kennel or any trail leading directly from the race course toward the home kennel.  Names of these handlers must be presented to the judges in writing or orally prior to the start of the race.  No such handlers shall be used without advance approval of the judges.
b)  Each driver may have one self appointed handler to assist the driver and team out of the starting chute if necessary.
c)  Official judges are authorized to lend assistance if deemed necessary to any entrant leaving the starting line.

19.  Each team must finish the race with the same dogs that started the race.  These dogs may be either in harness, attached to the towline, or tied in the sled. Any dog that collapses on the trail must be immediately placed in the sled.

20.  The finishing time of each team shall be the time at which the first dog's nose crosses the finish line (the driver and sled must accompany the team).

21.  The driver and team who complete the official course, without disqualification or forfeiture, in the least elapsed time will be declared the winner of the race.

22.  Any complaints or protests must be presented to the race marshal of the race in oral form within fifteen minutes after completion of the race and must also be presented to the Race Marshal in writing within one hour after the finish.

23:  The decision or decisions of the judges upon all points connected with the race shall be final.

24.  Entry fees will not be refunded once paid.  All fees will be paid before a driver can draw for position.

25.  Each contestant shall be responsible for the conduct of dogs in his possession, officials may order unmanageable dogs removed from the grounds.

26. Judges may reserve the right to mark dogs for identification.

27.   Race officials reserve the right to disqualify any dog, which in their opinion, is disabled or unfit to race.  A dog disqualified in any event is not eligible to run in succeeding contests at this event.  This decision will be made by a panel of three (3) judges,  consisting of the Race Marshall, a judge, and an appointed Musher.

28.  A musher competing for prizes in a race of two or more heats must drive the same dogs in each heat or a reduced number chosen from the dogs used in the preceding heat.

29.  No [non-racing] team shall use the official race course or any part thereof until all racing teams have returned.

30.  In races of more than one heat, the order for the succeeding heats shall be determined by the elapsed time of the previous heats. The fastest team shall start first, and the other teams will follow in the order of their total elapsed time.

31.  Drivers, teams, and equipment must be available for inspection by the Race Marshal, or race judges at or near the starting line fifteen (15) minutes previous to the starting time of the first team out. Eligibility to race, in the case of inability to meet this requirement, will be at the discretion of the Race Marshal.

32.  All drivers must be current members of the Nome Kennel Club.

33. All teams must have:
     a) City of Nome Kennel License, if within the city limits.
     b) current vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper, and Parvo (Proof must be shown to Race marshal) before being allowed to race.

[]Brackets added by web'ster in cases needing editing.

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