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This is a place for locals to post information on trails they have staked, dragged, run, dates and conditions of trails. Others could look at it and head out that way if it appealed to them. It'd be nice to know what's out there so you could plan on going somewhere without having to go out on snowmachine and see. So mushers..Please contact Chris and let her know about trails, or email the Web guy at this place.

2/5/2000: Trails: We will ask Gary Longley to stake the 20-mile as soon as the weather permits and use it for the race trail on February 12th (12 dog – 20 mile), instead of the 12 dog 50 mile.

The Search and Rescue, Doug Doyle, has said they want to tripod the trail over the hill to Dexter – the snowmachine route so the kennel club hasn’t yet staked it.

3 mile – not yet staked
7 mile – staked and ran a race around it last weekend
20 mile – around Newton – needs to be staked and is probably not visible because of snow and wind today(2/5/00)
30 mile – the trail to Metsker/Webber cabin is staked
50 mile – not in yet

Here is a map of the area:
area trail map

Above is a rather large file size image of a map. I would still welcome computer generated maps in case we wanted to edit them. Possibilities are to use computer software such as Paint, Draw, Visio, cad, etc, just make sure I have the program to deal with the file.. I would like to see smaller file sizes to keep the images/sketches loading quickly...preferable less than 20k, but we can deal with larger ones.

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